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CrowFx doesn't have a stable release yet. But we came to the conclusion at what kind of features we have to add for to the CrowFX.

Our main purpose is to create a framework for developing scalable, Aspect Oriented, High-performanced applications for both web and mobile devices.

We have planned 3 realeses for now, but unfortunately we cannot give any deadline for the releases yet.

Here are our release plans for the next few months.

Release 1;

  1. Asp.Net HttpModule for the Bootstrappers,
  2. Notification API (Mobile Push for IPhone and Android, Email, SMS support),
  3. Validation Attributes for the both Repositories and Models,
  4. REST Service Versioning
  5. REST Metadata Discovery & Documentation
  6. Better Exception Handling
  7. Session improvements,
  8. Various Host Clients;
    • Windows RT
    • Javascript for Browsers
    • IPhone
    • Android
    • Windows Applications

Release 2;

  1. Mock Support for both Business Classes and Repositories,
  2. Host Routing Support,
  3. NoSql Database Support for Redis and RavenDb,
  4. Multiple Database Support for the Repositories
  5. Authentication and Authorization
  6. Dynamic Aspect Support for the Business Classes

Release 3;

  1. Stable Oracle Support,
  2. Search and Indexing Attributes for the Repositories (Lucene.Net),
  3. Scalability for the Cloud Deployments, (Mostly for Microsoft Azure)
  4. Distributed Cache Support (AppFabric Cache)
  5. Visual Studio Add-In
  6. Visual Studio Scaffolding & T4 Template

We are always welcome your support and suggestions.

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